Full-throttle Ruby on Rails Development

Winter is Coming and so is Rails 5. Are you ready?

Already in development?

Already in development?

We reduce growing pains, keep your application secure and get out in front of any scaling issues before they bring your site down or make users unhappy.


If you already have a Rails app in production, we can make sure it stays stable and up to date. We will spend time every month maintaining your application, providing crucial security patches, updates and responding to emergencies. When the time comes to grow your audience or your feature list, your app will have a strong foundation.

Need a team to direct your next project?

Need a team to direct your next project?

Our team of engineers and marketers are experienced and savvy. Together, they’ll ensure that your great ideas are always headed in the right direction.


If you have an idea that you are ready to see made into a digital reality, we have the team you need to do it right. From user research and feature definition to secure account creation and unique API integrations, we can build your app and your business.

To learn more about what we can do, check out our Capabilities Doc (.pdf).

Looking for ways to optimize and improve?

Looking for ways to optimize and improve?

Because it’s not just about getting there quickly, it’s about getting to the right place at the right time.


If your app has inefficiencies that need to be addressed, we can perform an audit to identify and resolve them. Technically, we will examine your code and server stack, evaluate it and give you a full report on what is working well for you and what isn’t. Strategically, we’ll examine your competition and your audience, as well as user behavior and marketing ROI.

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  • Our Name
  • Our Philosophy
  • Our Culture

When a train is blowing down the track, full speed ahead, that’s because the throttle is on the highest setting: Notch #8.


It’s a great metaphor for us for lots of reasons. Yes, we are capable of producing solid technology very quickly, but there’s much more to it than that.

The individuals who make up Notch8 have a ton of experience in a ton of different technologies, which means we have a powerful engine behind our products.

Our team also includes exceptional business, product, and design professionals to ensure that your ideas are always headed in the right direction.

Because it’s not just about getting there quickly, it’s about getting to the right place at the right time.

At Notch8, we believe that the combination of integrity, communication and technical skill are what sets us apart.


Other things that are central to the way that we work:

  • We go to great lengths to provide accurate estimates and fulfill delivery timelines.
  • We work to build software that is stable, secure, and conforms to known best practices
  • We like hard work, meeting challenges, and exceeding expectations.



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We believe in a virtuous cycle of happy: Happy engineers build great software, great software makes happy clients.


Things we also believe all team members have a right and responsibility to:

  • Strong community involvement
  • Trust, respect and autonomy
  • Great work / life balance



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Notch8 provided Dather with expert development resources as we evolved our social media platform.  They helped us reach our business goals and most importantly were fun to work with.

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